Daphne Gardner is a director, producer, editor, screenwriter & performer from Baltimore, MD living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work focuses on the female experience in America: personal space, complicated friendships, and hunting down the guy that shot your friend in the leg. 

Most recently she produced, directed and edited the Behind Broad City series, following the production of Broad City's fourth season. She has produced and edited two seasons of the Comedy Central's Emmy nominated web series Hack Into Broad City. She is the creator and director of the documentary web series Her Room, which screened in Flux Factory's STROBE TV exhibition. Additionally she co-hosts the Ladies Horror Night podcast with Kate McEdwards, covering female centric horror films and video store culture. 

She has worked at Oscilloscope Laboratories in film distribution and at the Tribeca Film Festival. She is currently a producer, director & editor at Comedy Central

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