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Candace and Maureen are two Baltimore girls living the dream, getting high and hanging out between shifts at their local video store. However all that changes when they get caught on tape for some after-hours mischief at work. Now they are out of jobs and the tape has fallen into the hands of their evil co-worker Kevin. The girls will stop at nothing to get their tape back, and they also have to discuss whether they are going to keep living together or not, so this is sure to be a dramatic day.

Starring - Lucia Diaz-French, Samantha Nelson, Alex Ghinger, Marina Gardner, Patrick Letterii, John Zimmerman, Kevin Coelho, Travis Hudson & Kevin James

Written, Directed & Edited by Daphne Gardner
Additional Camera & Sound - Lucie Rae Stahl & Ashley Barnes
Music - The Peer Mediators "Business" & "Whatever You Like"