Comedy Central sent our Behind The Scenes crew to set for Broad City’s final season. We followed them for weeks, culminating with an extended interview with Abbi and Ilana as they were finishing up post production. In addition to a series-wide doc that we made, we created these smaller, episodic & topic specific pieces. All of the videos released within the Season 5 run on Comedy Central’s site, YouTube and all over social media.

Directed by Daphne Gardner 
Produced by Lexi Tannenholtz 
Developed by Sam Schles 
BTS Cinematography by Tyler Ribble 
Interview Cinematography by Dan Fridman
Interview Sound by Catherine Hood 
Room Tours, Phone Wigs, Blue Dress & Costumes Edited by Janna Hochberg
Teaser Trailer & Yellow Hat Edited by Daphne Gardner